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Data-Driven Observability & Logs

Limiting data based on what a logging solution can handle is restrictive and often, it is the logs that were “left out” that create frustrating debugging scenarios.
Geeta Schmidt
June 18, 2018

Our industry is moving at lightning speed towards distributed service-driven architectures, and engineers are on a quest to improve how they observe these systems as a whole. Adoption of microservices and containerized architectures has elevated the need for developers and operations teams to utilize observability solutions to correlate events, identify threats, and troubleshoot problems effectively. From a business value point of view, managers want observability solutions that allow them to “keep calm” when their software infrastructure and services are hit with incidents or failures.

Many organizations adopt a combination of log management, metrics, and tracing solutions for observability across their infrastructure. We have found though that just “having” these tools does not suffice in ensuring that engineering teams are able to reap value from them. A cultural shift is required.

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