The next generation log management tool

Humio solves some of the challenges (restrictions) experienced with current log management solutions; scalability and pricing. 

We do this by providing a high performance solution that delivers instant, real-time monitoring and investigation capabilities for developers and operations teams. 

Humio is primarily developed in Scala and the database is built completely from the ground up to fully support the features crucial in a modern log management tool. For example, our storage engine searching through 100’s of GB/second, live widgets, (shareable) dashboards, and alerts, simple query language, and user-friendly UI.

Want to be part of creating something great? Then here’s what you should know: 

We offer:                        

  • Work in a team with highly experienced developers and a strong DevOps culture
  • Distributed systems development
  • High performance search development with focus on mechanical sympathy
  • A vibrant, diverse everyday with challenges, high fives, and coffee

You should: 

  • Be passionate about software development and building a product

Nice to have:

  • Experience developing and running distributed systems
  • A Devops mindset
  • Experience developing search
  • Database development experience

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