Jobs at Humio

Help us build the best logging and metrics infrastructure.

What we do

We started with building the fastest free-text search engine for structured and unstructured logging.

Remember sitting at your desktop workstation, listening to the sound of the spinning disks, the interference between the network and sound cards? If something odd happened, you sensed it when the vibration of the engine humming away suddenly stopped.

Today, we've lost that hum. Everything runs far away in remote data centers, in containers, in serverless functions.

We built Humio to get back to feeling that hum of your systems. We’re changing the way you think about log management software by simply proving the value of observing all of your system's data, in real time, at your fingertips.

Humio office locations

Where we work

Our founding office is in Aarhus, Denmark, and we have offices in London, Seattle, and San Francisco. We also work remotely in places like Boston, Denver, Charleston, Stockholm, Philadelphia, and Boise.

Our Parliament

Our ambitions to succeed globally are rooted in people who are experts at what they do.

The owl is the symbol of the goddess of wisdom and a cohort of owls is called a Parliament. At Humio, this translates into checking our egos at the door, working as a team, and bringing our different skills to the table. We trust with enough confidence to contribute and challenge, respect and appreciate opinions, and always value the truth. With this in force, everyone is excited to go the extra mile product-wise and people-wise, and put in that little extra effort that makes it all come together.

As we continue to grow at the speed of our sub-second search latency, we love to welcome new Members of Parliament who are also inspired by wanting to see a unique product succeed globally. So where do you want to take your career? You’ll have agency over your tasks and freedom to speak your mind, enormous support from skilled and helpful colleagues, and the flexibility to accommodate the work-life balance you want.

Time for hygge

Join the world’s happiest employees working at Humio

Humio is founded in Denmark, which for many years held the title of "The World's Happiest Country." The Danes' value hygge, work-life balance, family, and general well-being, and each is a core principle at Humio.

Current openings

The Humio team is scaling and welcoming unsolicited applications! Come work with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

Follow this link to find all of our available jobs. A tip: search for “Humio” on CrowdStrike’s career page to sort Humio specific jobs from CrowdStrike jobs.