Centralized log collection and management

Multi-session educational course

View this workshop on-demand to learn about modern log management principles used to optimize application delivery speed, system visibility, and security.

Digital business disruption along with application and infrastructure changes are causing IT  leaders to reevaluate monitoring strategies. During this session we examine various operational techniques that  help to optimize efficiency, speed, and compression (without latency).

Topics covered:

  • Why ingest everything (pros and cons) and how to do it effectively

  • Streaming live data to enable business decisions and create efficiencies

  • Central data management: architecture, compression, overcoming latency, live observability, and alerting

  • Uses cases reviewing best known methods 

  • Demo

We hope you find the content informative. Please reach out to us at instructor@humio.com with any follow up questions.

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Jerald Perry

Technical Marketing Engineer at Humio

Grant Schofield

Director of Infrastructure Engineering

Kasper Nissen

Lead Platform Architect at Lunar