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Customer Success Cases

Humio at LunarWay: Log Management for a Kubernetes & Cloud Native Environment

lunarwayWhen Lunar Way began their journey, they started with a simple Elasticsearch and Kibana setup in AWS. As time passed and the products became more diverse and more complex, issues began to surface with usability, compatibility, and the day-to-day usefulness. So they started to consider Humio as an On-Premises solution that  
                             would work with their private AWS cluster.

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Fintech Audit Trail Logging with Humio:
Handling Sensitive Data by Logging Everything, Instantly

BeScored NewBeScored's services automates the process of reconciling bank charges with the tariff agreed. They consume the company’s ERP data and bank invoices, then compare them against the company’s custom bank tariff and therefore needed a logging solution that could handle high volumes of data, offered fine grained search, and required little management. 

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Moving from Elastic to Humio

MonoMono Solutions is responsible for almost half a million websites, which means they daily need to handle a huge numbers of log entries. But their current Elastic stack forced them to manage rather than making use of their logs. With Humio today,  
                            Humio manages all their log data while they do real-time, complex queries on log
                            streams that wasn’t possible before.

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New SIEM on the Block: Meet Humio.


Logging - A Key Element in Modern Software Systems.

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MeetUps: Systems We Run 

Ryan Neal: Uptime Matter - A Story of Becoming Multi-Cloud while no One Notices

This talk will cover how we planned, tested, and executed our first multi-cloud migration along with lessons learned and key takeaways you can apply to your own infrastructure decisions.

Ryan Neal, Head of Infrastructure and part of the founding team at Netlify, has worked on the infrastructure team at Yelp and in the defense sector at Palantir in the Middle East. Come hear the story of his multi-cloud migration; the challenges, planning, testing, and execution (gory details included). There will be key take-aways to apply to your own infrastructure decisions.

Date & Time
October 17, 6-8:30 PM
WeWork Embarcadero Center, San Francisco