Cost vs scale - the industry has it all wrong

Multi-session educational course

View this workshop on-demand to hear about best-in-class tools that help you optimize infrastructure cost savings at scale, and improve efficiency, without sacrificing speed.

Today’s business environment has created a golden opportunity to make order-of-magnitude reductions in IT costs by modifying the corporate IT architecture. IT and business leaders can help companies not only to save money but also to prepare for the return of growth. This session explores a new tool kit that will help drive scale without increasing costs.

Topics covered:

  • Summary on envisioning the perfect log management platform

  • How to drive immediate IT Infrastructure cost savings without sacrificing speed and improving efficiency

  • Drive scale without increasing costs (where the industry should be)

  • Toolkit: a quick and easy to use cost savings estimator

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James Mountifield

Director, Technical Strategy - Humio at CrowdStrike

Huzaifa Dalal

Head of Product Marketing