Humio at Grundfos: Global Manufacturer Protects Their Customers With Real-Time Access to IoT Data

How a 75-year-old manufacturing company collects system and device data from Azure and IoT sensors in real time

When Grundfos stepped into the digital world of the Internet of Things (IoT), the company needed a system of logging that reflected its core values of protecting customers for the long run and providing the highest quality products.

Producing over 16 million pumps a year with a staff of over 16,000, Grundfos is a world leader in pump manufacturing. The company focuses not only on volume but also on quality, developing ecologically-friendly solar pump systems and technologically-advanced remote monitoring options for their devices.

Moving from hardgoods manufacturing to implementing IoT devices changes customer expectations. Response times to problems need to be minutes, if not seconds, instead of days. To meet these needs, Grundfos turned to Humio’s streaming log management solution.

Log management with an easy transition

When Grundfos started using Humio, it spread by word of mouth. Engineers jumped into using Humio for themselves and shared their knowledge with their co-workers. Before they received any formal training, Humio’s value at detecting bugs in their software was so apparent that it spread from being used by one product team to seven.

Decreasing time to detection and resolution with Humio

Humio’s primary function at Grundfos is to connect application developers with logs when diagnosing issues. Humio enables them to track down the root cause of issues in microservices or connections by providing a detailed account of all activity from their IoT network.

Software engineers use Humio to monitor data flowing from IoT devices, from when it arrives in an IoT hub via Microsoft Azure all the way until it reaches end users. Humio is used to log end-to-end processes.

Using Humio, Grundfos developers are able to detect errors faster and find issues before users notice them. In order to monitor the flow of data from IoT devices, they have huge monitors on the wall displaying live data in Humio dashboards so the teams can react immediately when something goes wrong. Members of their team also receive email alerts the moment an error is logged. As a result of using Humio, Grundfos developers have accelerated their response time.

Humio helps build a culture of observability

Humio provides data that improves Grundfos’ relationship with both its customers and its engineers. Customers benefit from fewer incidents of lost data connections, and engineers have an empowering tool that rewards their efforts to discover the root causes of problems.

Humio captures all log data at scale, making real-time data insights affordable for industry leaders such as Grundfos. After discovering the value of Humio’s modern log management solution, Grundfos has expanded on their initial Humio plan because they found it so valuable.

Discover enterprise log management

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