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Humio at Lunar: Log Management for a Kubernetes & Cloud Native Environment

The Company

While the technology world moves pretty fast, there are still institutions lagging behind in the move to the modern. Lunar looks to handle one of these institutions, the banking industry, and bring things forward into the 21st Century.

Based in Denmark, Lunar is innovating the banking industry by bringing digital-only transactions to the banking industry.

With a line of many different banking products, Lunar focuses on innovation. It means a fairly steady development and deployment schedule, which can bring about as many as ten to twenty deployments a day across their various mobile and web product lines. The need for analytics and log management is apparent every day.

The NoSQL of Log Management

Humio is the NoSQL of log management. We miss less in our logs because a schema does not exclude it.
Bjørn Sørensen

Web Architect at Lunar

When Lunar began their journey, they started with a simple Elasticsearch and Kibana setup in AWS. Initially, the logs were small, so this was easy. As time passed and the products became more diverse and complex, issues began to surface with usability, compatibility, and day-to-day usefulness.

The Elastic Query Language was a problem, and Kibana seemed to always come with difficulties. It was inevitable a change had to happen. Around this time, some of the team members saw a presentation on Humio at GOTO Copenhagen. It seemed interesting, but the move to Humio wasn’t immediate. It was only as the applications grew, and the infrastructure support needed to grow that Elastic stack was no longer an option and it was time for Humio.

The query language and speed of Humio compared to searching logs in Kibana is crazy! Much better experience in my opinion, and makes investigating and caring about logs so much easier.
Kasper Nissen

DevOps Engineer at Lunar

Security being a crucial part of what any bank does, Lunar is no different. They needed an on-premises solution that would work with their own AWS cluster; something they wouldn’t need to send their logs to Humio, they required everything to remain within their network.

Luckily, Humio works well as an on-prem solution, which stands out from Elastic Cloud and other log management systems that require logs to be sent out or exported to external services. Another of the big differentiators for Lunar was that Humio did not need a schema for logs to start rolling in.

As Bjørn Sørensen, Web Architect at Lunar, states, “Humio is the NoSQL of log management. We miss less in our logs because a schema does not exclude it”. It’s possible to use filters to see results directly without having to work through a detailed schema to get the desired results.

By using Humio to manage their logs to examine both application layer data and infrastructure level information, Lunar became aware of the need for a solution that gave the complete view, across all microservices — which is their chosen architecture. Humio gave them the collation of events both up and downstream, providing them with insights to prevent issues before they might occur.

Kubernetes and Humio as the Core

The new factor at Lunar is that they are big Kubernetes users. Using Kubernetes to manage their 35–40 different microservices makes them unusual in Denmark, and frankly unique in the Fintech industry. While creating a new way to look at Fintech, DevOps Engineer Kasper Nissen knew decent, modern DevOps ideas and infrastructure were needed to launch banking into the modern age. Also, Humio was at the heart of that launch.

Using things beyond their expected capabilities is part of what Lunar focuses on. Beyond taking Kubernetes to the bank, Lunar also uses Humio in unexpected ways. A good example is its mobile team. When testing new application functionality on iOS or Android, the team takes advantage of their Humio installation to get instant feedback on what’s going right (or wrong) with a new piece of code being prepared to face the world. It allows for rapid turn around and a shorter development cycle, which in turn means more features and fixes in less time.

At this point, all teams at Lunar are using Humio as part of the daily development routine. With an extension into the dashboards used around the offices, everyone can keep an eye on logs and the graphs they produce to ensure all needs are being met and everything is running smoothly.

Humio helps Lunar to bring Fintech to the forefront of the tech world in Denmark, and soon around the world.

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