Humio at On the dot: Full visibility with high-performing and flexible log management

Logging all data for instant visibility and data-driven analysis

While the world of modern application development moves pretty fast, there is an industry that needs to run even faster: the delivery service industry.

Fast Tech for Fast Delivery

Whether we are waiting for our food order or hoping those new loafers get to us before the important dinner tonight, same-day delivery has become a significant part of our shopping experiences. Luckily, the folks behind On the dot, a service that helps retailers in the UK get their products to customers as quickly as possible, is on the case!

Logistically, this is no easy task. The engineers at On the dot, took a full-stack approach to solve the technological problem. Adopting various technologies, with a need to focus on both web and mobile development, they attacked the issue of bringing moving targets like couriers together with retailers.

The Need for Full Visibility

On the dot focuses on exposing an API and a management console for scheduling while couriers connect via a mobile application that tracks location and proximity to shops and delivery locations.

“It’s important to have full visibility over our entire architecture, as any potential errors in our systems could result in delayed deliveries,” says Alex Tasioulis, Platform Engineering Lead at On the dot, while discussing the importance of monitoring the tech stack during both development and in production. “We needed flexibility in a monitoring solution that we could rely on.”

High-Performance and Flexibility

The main reasons Alex and his team chose Humio as a monitoring and logging solution is threefold.

When they first began became clear that other solutions were using the same answers — mostly the ELK stack. Humio offered something different with new querying technology and developer-friendly integrations.

After looking at the other options and Humio, it was clear that Humio came first when it came to performance and flexibility.

Add to that the excellent user interface, and Humio came out as the clear leader to give the On the dot team the information and analytics needed to build an amazing, complex application.

However, Alex picked Humio over other opportunities not just for design reasons.

Flexibility was vital, an essential part of the On the dot ecosystem, so a logging and analytics solution that is just as flexible to fit the bill. With this flexibility came large performance increases over things like running the ELK stack.

Empowering Data-Driven Development

The On the dot development team liked the syntax and the overall frontend, so they were encouraged to actually look at logs more, and therefore improve their logs, so it’s now something they like looking at.

Developers were able to understand their logs better, making integration with the routine easier and more forward-looking. The team took extra value out of the logs thanks to being able to visualize them better.

“Improved logging structures led to better troubleshooting experience,” says Alex Tasioulis.

With the speed of delivery necessary to make a delivery, especially in continually moving cities like London, Alex’s team ensures that all their systems continue running without errors so that all their users get what they need when they need it.

Humio, on the other hand, helps to ensure the On the dot engineers understand what they need when they need it.