Humio at Vijilan: Enabling Security Digital Transformation

The company

At the forefront of cyberdefense, you’ll find a group of individuals who aren’t as visible outside of IT circles. These are SOC (Security Operations Center) professionals, trained cybersecurity experts who actively watch networks 24/7, 365 days a year. They are the last line of defense when hackers have broken through static defense systems like firewalls and antivirus software.

Unfortunately for many organizations, SOC operations are considerable investments that can involve hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in upfront costs.

Enter Vijilan Security, a U.S.-based cybersecurity firm specializing in cybersecurity monitoring services. Vijilan gives IT managed services providers (MSP) a way to offer affordable, end-to-end SOC monitoring solutions to businesses of any size, avoiding the capital expenses of establishing an in-house SOC and gaining access to an industry-leading cybersecurity protection service.

The challenge

As a result of their growth, along with industry-wide increases in data, Vijilan found themselves inundated with data. Since they provide security services for networks of networks, the amount of information they were taking in was multiplying as they added new MSP clients. Kevin and his team began to experience performance-related issues with their previous log management system which could simply not handle the ingestion of logs at the immense volume they needed.

“Enterprises have hundreds and thousands of systems to monitor. In our case, that’s multiplied by 100x. You can see how quickly terabytes of data are generated.”

This inability to keep up with the growth of data with their previous log management was an existential threat to Vijilan – who was responsible for detecting and reacting to developing threats seconds after they arise for their clients. It was time for them to modernize their log and event data management platform.

The search

“When we were researching for an alternative solution, we tested 6-7 of them. Some were great, but our business use case is very specific. Humio was the only tool that could meet our requirements — it was powerful enough, scalable, robust, and flexible to meet today’s and tomorrow’s demand. We know the data we’re collecting today is going to triple or quadruple every year.”

Vijilan had previously resolved the problem by adding more infrastructure, memory, and storage, but this was not adequate to meet the needs of their growing system. Vijilan needed a new way to ensure scalability. After coming across an image of Humio’s architecture in a research paper, they were intrigued and reached out to set up a proof of concept (POC).

The solution

Humio’s index-free search prioritizes rapid ingestion and supports live streaming data. That made it ideal for Vijilan’s use case. Humio’s efficiency allowed Vijilan to improve the quality of its service by expanding the data they were collecting, including logs for DNS, DCP, and email filtration endpoints. Humio enables them to log everything, from rich data-dense sources such as NetFlow to full packet capture that would have been impossible with their previous system.

The results

Using Humio transformed Vijilan’s security services, giving them live detection capabilities and expanding the data they collect across all networks. However, that wasn’t the only team that benefited from access to live data. Vijilan shared the data collected in Humio with their sales and marketing, finance, and operations teams. In doing so, Vijilan developed a business predictive and prescriptive analytics engine powered by Humio data that anticipates customer behavior and helps Vijilan better retain them by providing better service.

“Previously, we had to be selective with the data we included. With Humio, we can include anything. It gives us insight that we never had before. We couldn’t have found a better tool to deal with the large amounts of data we are collecting today"

The performance boost Humio gave Vijilan also improved their sales. Before switching to Humio, Vijilan’s previous solution was forcing them to turn down certain monitoring requests which would require adding a whole new cluster to work. By increasing their data capacities and minimizing infrastructure costs with Humio, Vijilan is now able to take on jobs of this scale that they previously would have had to turn down.

"It’s unfortunate we didn’t find Humio earlier. Now that we have, it opens up these opportunities.”

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