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Humio for DevOps + ITOps

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real-time observability
Real-time observability of all relevant production data, without disruption, in one solution, available both On-Premises and Cloud
handle large ingest loads
Handle large multi-TB/day ingest loads with ease to instantly identify availability concerns and threats in any complex computing environment
aggregate and explore
Aggregate and explore with live log data by searches, create dashboards, and set alerts across entire distributed systems

Humio empowers teams to log all their data to gain instant visibility into their entire system and instantly identify and address concerns or vulnerabilities in any complex computing environment.

Viewing the health and stability of entire systems in real-time is now more imperative than ever. DevOps and ITOps teams need live observability of all data - both structured and unstructured - from all sources to understand, visualize and analyze the systems they run.

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The query language and the speed of Humio compared to searching logs in Kibana is crazy! Much better experience in my opinion, and makes investigating and caring about logs so much easier.
Kasper Nissen
Cloud Architect, Lunar Way

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