Dive deep into complete system observability through log data

Multi-session educational course

View this workshop on-demand to hear tactics to drive context in your analysis, techniques on implementing AIOps, and risk management as you scale.

As you drive towards a unified view of your infrastructure, eradicating islands on log data and barriers, this session offers a deep-dive into extending current monitoring capabilities, processes, and culture to deliver speed, innovation, transparency, and deep business insights.

Topics covered:

  • Increase application uptime by designing observability directly into the application and its supporting infrastructure

  • Building context in analysis of high volume telemetry data

  • Applying pragmatic observability to digital business and focusing on the business benefits it can deliver by using AIOps

  • Investigating problems that cannot be framed by traditional monitoring¬†

  • Disaster recovery preparedness

We hope you find the content informative. Please reach out to us at instructor@humio.com with any follow up questions.

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Huzaifa Dalal

Head of Product Marketing

Grant Schofield

Director of Infrastructure Engineering

Steve Waterworth

Technical Marketing Manager at Instana

Salil Ahuja

Program Director, Watson AIOps at IBM