Download Humio

You can download Humio and run it on your own. By default Humio will run in Trial Mode and will continue working without a license for 30 days.

Currently, Humio is only availible for installation On-Premises as a Docker image, just follow the instructions below to get started.

Running Humio in Docker

You can install Humio through Docker (Installing Docker). Docker will automatically download Humio, with bundled version of Zookeeper and Kafka, which are required for Humio to run.

Once you have Docker installed, open your terminal and run Humio on port http://localhost:8080 with:

docker run -p 8080:8080 humio/humio

Humio's UI will be available from http://localhost:8080/

MacOS Note
If you are testing Humio in Docker on MacOS, you should increase memory to better performance.
Next Steps For a real setup you will need to connect volumes and configuration files. See Installation Instructions for details about setting up Humio.

Running Humio from a Jar file

Humio can be run directly from a Jar file. This is an advanced option and requires both Kafka and Zookeeper to run along side Humio.

Get the latest Jar files here: Humio Release Archive

Follow the guide in the installation docs for setting up your environment.