Empower security teams with better network data to detect and respond to threats quicker

Executive town hall

The threat landscape is continually evolving and getting more complex as bad actors discover new ways to breach networks and wreak havoc on businesses. Arming your security operations team with the tools they need to quickly detect and respond to threats is critical.

To help companies improve and accelerate security outcomes as well as unlock advanced analysis capabilities, Corelight has been moving towards offering an open network detection and response (NDR) platform that will bring a proven open-source design pattern into one unified product. They have integrated two powerful open-source projects, Zeek and Suricata, into a seamless solution that enables rapid pivoting from Suricata alerts into the rich network metadata extracted by Zeek.

Watch this virtual town hall with Humio CEO Geeta Schmidt and Gregory Bell, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at Corelight, as they discuss the security landscape and Corelight’s initiatives around their open NDR product. 

Topics covered:

  • Changes in the security landscape over the last few years and challenges associated with mitigating risks around a more remote workforce.

  • Insights on the network detection and response (NDR) category and its growing prominence in the “SOC triad”.

  • Why NDR should be open and how speed, extensibility, and choice enable security teams.

  • Advantages of moving from a product centric approach to a data centric approach to optimize threat hunting capabilities. 

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