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June 24: Higher Education Roundtable

Humio works for your organization

No matter what type of system you’re running, Humio has a configuration to meet your needs.

Development and DevOps

Today’s developers and DevOps environments require comprehensive observability to see and address problems, no matter where they reside. Because developers create code for increasingly-complicated environments, they need to see how their code impacts the production environment after deployment. Humio helps view the health and stability of every system in real time.

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Security, SecOps, and Compliance

Humio’s instant visibility gives security, SecOps, and compliance teams continuous insights needed for immediate actions and data-driven responses. Humio helps strengthen the performance across systems, prevent infrastructure breakdowns, and protect against attacks.

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Information Technology and ITOps

Humio empowers IT and ITOps teams to gain instant visibility into their entire system, and identify and address concerns or vulnerabilities in any complex computing environment.

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