Humio Community Edition

Log everything and answer anything in real time at zero cost.

Humio Community Edition offers a free modern log management platform for the cloud. Leverage streaming data ingestion to achieve instant visibility across distributed systems and prevent and resolve incidents.

Humio Community Edition, available instantly at no cost, includes the following:

  • Ingest up to 16GB per day
  • 7-day retention
  • No credit card required
  • Ongoing access with no trial period
  • Index-free logging, real-time alerts and live dashboards
  • Access Humio’s marketplace and packages, including guides to build new packages
  • Learn and collaborate with an active community
  • FDR sample data included so users can explore improved threat hunting capabilities at speed

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What our customers say

Introduction to Humio

CTO Kresten Krab Thorup demonstrates the power of Humio


No, you don’t need a corporate email address to sign up. You can sign up with a Gmail, Bitbucket or GitHub account.

No, you do not need a credit card.

Up to 5 users can sign up from an organization. Each organization can ingest up to 16GB per day with a 7-day retention period.

Yes, we are currently only offering Humio Community Edition to cloud users.

Read our Humio Community Edition blog to learn more. For more hands-on support, attend an upcoming Humio Community Edition Workshop. Community-built packages and APIs will also be available for Humio Community Edition users at no additional cost.

Yes, you will have access to the Humio Marketplace which includes access to packages and APIs, as well as guides to develop new packages.

CrowdStrike's Falcon Data Replicator (FDR) can now be ported into Humio to improve your threat hunting capabilities and forensics at speed and at scale. Now with Humio users can retain Falcon Data for longer, run live searches in real time, and correlate that data with other log sources.

We have included a sample FDR data with Humio Community Edition for you to try it out and experience the power of Humio.