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Humio named a leader

in the NEW DEJ Report : Eight Key Areas Shaping IT Performance Markets in 2020

What makes Humio a leader in IT Performance

There are many options to assist IT, DevOps, and Security organizations in managing their IT environment. What are the criteria you should use to determine the technology and tools that best fit the needs of your organization? Digital Enterprise Journal surveyed more than 3,500 organizations and identified key areas that are having the strongest impact on IT performance markets in 2020.

Humio’s streaming log management platform was named a leader across eight categories based on its leading analytical properties including:

  • Ability to provide real-time visibility for complex environments
  • Ease of deployment
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Enabling organizations to log everything
  • Allowing users to store more data for a longer period of time

As part of the research gathered for the report, a vendor analysis was conducted in order to help end-user organizations understand what solution is the best fit for their specific requirements. Download the report now to learn how to effectively manage your IT performance.