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Humio now available as an IBM OEM offering

Humio accelerates its momentum with an increased ability to deliver streaming observability at scale to more customers across the globe.

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IBM supports its enterprise customers with Humio’s modern, streaming observability at scale


Humio enables enterprise-scale observability across all systems, equipment, and applications for greater performance, security, and quicker root-cause analysis and incident response times.

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Save with the industry’s lowest total cost of ownership and affordable Unlimited Plans. Humio’s advanced compression and bucket storage saves up to 70% on compute and storage. Humio deploys in minutes, and requires little maintenance.

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Leverage IBM support and services and Humio’s modern platform to keep up with today’s complex environments while minimizing incremental costs, data storage problems, and search challenges.

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Humio accelerates its momentum to deliver streaming observability at scale to more customers across the globe

IBM to make Humio available to deliver complete observability for customers worldwide

IBM and Humio will create solutions that combine Humio’s log management platform with IBM’s offerings. Humio minimizes the challenge of sifting through the rapidly, ever-growing volume of event and data logs by enabling users to log all data — structured or unstructured — in real time and at scale. As a result, IBM will offer clients a complete data observability and management suite.

Read the announcement (May 19, 2020)

Humio and IBM Edge Ecosystem bring real-time insights to organizations deploying edge computing

Organizations are deploying edge computing strategies to extend compute and move data storage closer to where the data is being created, and to protect a rapidly-growing number of distributed endpoints. Humio is able to manage hundreds of terabytes of logs, events, and other data a day, in real time, to monitor performance, security, and business metrics, and search for threats, incidents, and errors to discover the root cause.

Read the announcement (May 5, 2020)

IBM and Humio partner to improve observability for IBM Cloud customers

Organizations can achieve observability for their IBM cloud-based distributed systems and modern-day applications. Observability is crucial for organizations running hybrid Cloud or multi-Cloud environments. As part of this collaboration, Humio enables businesses of all sizes to gain instant visibility into their distributed systems while amplifying the Multicloud Management Pak at the operational level.

Read the announcement (Nov. 13, 2019)

The Hoot podcast: Humio with IBM, Pratik Gupta, CTO, Distinguished Engineer, Chief Architect Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management, and Morten Gram

Humio visits with Pratik Gupta, CTO, IBM Hybrid Cloud Management & IBM Distinguished Engineer, and Morten Gram, Humio EVP, to talk about this IBM original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement and the value it will bring to customers. The companies will collaborate on solutions that help clients continually ingest streaming data across their infrastructure, and help identify a variety of problems from application service down-time to cyberattacks.

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