Identify Cybersecurity Threats in Real Time

Using SOC Prime rules with Humio Log Management to help keep distributed systems secure

Watch now to see how SOC Prime integrates with Humio’s live streaming, scalable log management platform to allow for real-time visibility into distributed systems to provide fast, precise answers to critical security questions.

During this workshop participants will learn:

  • What the Sigma Project is, and how it helps to optimize threat detection and the development of correlation rules and searches.

  • How to make the most of the SOC Prime Threat Bounty Program by adding your requests for the detection content to the Wanted list.

  • How SOC Prime integrates with Humio’s purpose-built log management platform to help users quickly uncover cyberthreats to keep their environment more secure.

  • How to set up live alerts and dashboards in Humio to help identify anomalies with your system or applications.

We hope you find the content informative. Please reach out to us at events@humio.com with any follow up questions.

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