The Importance of Real-Time Threat Detection and Actionable Alerts

Preparing for the Unknown Workshop Series

Watch now to see how Vijilan optimizes their SOC operations and helps their customers prepare for the unknown with streaming log data and real-time insights.

Watch this workshop to learn:

  • How logging everything helps IT and security teams to quickly identify issues, investigate the root cause, reduce the damage, and help prevent further incidents.

  • How live alerts assist in detecting active threats and calling out relevant information for faster mitigation.

  • Ways Vijilan is helping their customers strengthen their security programs and ensure regulatory compliance requirements are met.

  • How Vijilan’s Threat Sensor uses streaming log data to help detect and alert on threats in real time.

  • How Vijilan is using live data to optimize their development lifecycles and better serve their customers.

  • What to consider to improve your security posture or augment your Incident Response Team.

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