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Help us build the best logging and metrics infrastructure.
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What we do

We started with building the fastest free-text search engine for structured and unstructured logging
Remember sitting at your desktop workstation and hearing the sound of the spinning disks, the interference between the network and sound cards? If something odd happened, you sensed it when the vibration of the engine humming away suddenly stopped.

Today, we've lost the feeling of that hum. Everything runs in remote data centers, in containers, in serverless functions - far away from the developer. This complicates interacting with and understanding your system's behavior and current state.

We built Humio to fix this and get back to feeling the hum of your systems at your fingertips. Humio is a platform for developers to confidently answer any question and explore any system by quickly getting to the data you need wherever it lives, On-Premises or in the Cloud. Humio is a paradigm shift, changing the way you think about log management software. It is about the value of observing all of your system's data, always available at your fingertips. It's as simple as that.
Our main office is in Aarhus, Denmark, but Humio has offices in London and San Francisco and people working remotely in places like Boston, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Munich.

How we work

We want to build a work environment where people are happy, productive, and interact well.
The core of Humio is our people. That means our most important job is to inspire, support, grow, and enable you. And we know that this will be instrumental for our continued strong growth, as we expand with new colleagues all over the globe.

Realising this every, single day means the Humio culture boils down to ​trust, respect, honesty, and dedication.​ We trust with confidence to contribute and challenge new ideas. We respect and appreciate each other and always speak the truth. And we are dedicated to go the extra mile product-wise and people-wise; caring to put in the extra effort to achieve the impossible.

We started small and, even though we continue to grow at the speed of our sub-second search latency, we still continue to "act small". "Small" only in the sense that we strive to work one-on-one both within the company and even more so with those ‘outside’: customers, communities, industry experts, partners, neighbors, and more​.

Work / Life Balance

At Humio, we strongly believe that healthy and happy colleagues are crucial for our success. Humio was founded in Denmark, which for many years held the title of "The World's Happiest Country". The Danes' view on work / life balance, family, "Hygge", and general well-being is a key factor in this, and is a core principal at Humio.

Current openings

We’re hiring for a number of different positions around the world.