Leadership strategies to drive innovation, growth, and resiliency

Executive town hall

Being agile and innovative is more important than ever for all businesses, however this is more critical than ever for technology companies. The competition is high, change is constant, and business leaders are struggling to maintain company culture and differentiate themselves in an increasingly digital environment.

Watch this on-demand town hall with Geeta Schmidt, CEO at Humio and Tracey Welson-Rossman, Chief Marketing Officer at Chariot Solutions and Founder of TechGirlz as they discuss leadership tactics and changes in the technology space that are driving innovation and growth. 

Topics covered:

  • The importance of a trusted network of advisors and tactics for developing a network

  • How to maintain culture and unity with a diverse workforce

  • Changes in the marketplace and how those changes are impacting business leaders

  • Tactics for growth and resiliency in an increasingly competitive environment

  • How to promote diversity in the technology space

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