Streaming observability

Humio is purpose-built for large-scale logging and real-time analysis of all your data, metrics, and traces. Available for Self-hosted and SaaS environments.

Introducing Humio

Modern log management built for today’s distributed environments.

The Humio Unlimited Plan helps organizations prepare for the unknown

Logging everything gives organizations complete visibility to see anomalies, threats, and problems, and get to the root of what happened.

Don’t waste time limiting or deciding which data to send to the system. Logging everything makes a huge difference in determining if a threat or breach is legitimate. Logging everything reduces mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR), increases the likelihood of finding the root cause, and improves the customer or end-user experience.

Why Unlimited
Report: Humio Redefines Log Management TCO
Docs: Sending Data to Humio

  • Fast Ingest
  • Less Hardware
  • Ingest Any Format

Product Features


High availability, fault-tolerant, cluster management, Event Context, RBAC, regex engine, and more

5-15X Data compression

Retain more data using less hardware

Free-text search

Blazing fast free-text search on any data without indexing

Shareable live dashboards

Display a collection of widgets to share across teams

Bucket storage for persistent data

Use bucket storage for real-time speed and infinite retention


Search for combined results and enrich data with Inner and left joins

Query administration

Query Monitor to understand which quotas are using resources, and query quotas to keep the system running smoothly

Alerts & webhooks

Sub-second notifications and custom webhooks to proactively fix issues

Role-based access control

Assign permissions and access rights and read from SAML, LDAP, Auth0, or others

Scalable to hundreds of TBs per day

  • Scalability
  • Speed
  • Security

Humio is purpose-built to help any organization achieve the benefits of large-scale logging and analysis. Humio has virtually no latency even at massive ingest volumes. And by using cloud-based bucket storage for all persistent data, retention is virtually infinite.

Humio is easy to deploy, and requires very little ongoing maintenance. This eliminates the need to focus on maintaining the logging platform, so teams can expand the scope of collecting, analyzing, and learning from logs, which improves their security posture and reduce attack surfaces, optimize business operations, and enhance customer experiences.

Docs: Humio’s Scalability Benchmark
Reports: Humio Redefines Total Cost of Ownership

Live observability with sub-second latency

Humio aggregates, alerts, and visualizes streaming data in real time, so no matter what volume of data you send to Humio, data is processed instantly. This gives organizations live observability into the operations and health of their systems.

Share dashboards across teams and answer questions like:

  • How has performance changed since the latest deployment?
  • Which database queries are the slowest?
  • Which IPs have tried to log into our system in the past 24 hours?
  • Real-Time
  • Sub-second Latency
  • Shared Dashboards

Fast free-text search with no indexing

  • Fast Search
  • Live Tail
  • Live Aggregation
  • Full-Text & Fields

Indexing can be a very computationally-expensive activity, causing latency between data entering a system and then being included in search results and visualizations. Humio does no indexing, so it remains lightning fast with no compromise on performance.

With index-based solutions, Search patterns are defined based on what was indexed. This is a critical limitation when an investigation is needed, and the data needed can’t be searched because it wasn’t indexed. Humio provides the flexibility to ask anything to understand the situation.

Free-text search lets you search anything, in any field, without relying on pre-parsed fields. Schema on read allows you to extract data, define new fields, and use them to filter and aggregate as you search — all at blazing speeds.

Docs: Humio Language Syntax
Docs: Creating Parsers

Keep 5-15x more data, for longer

Stop worrying about log quotas and deciding what data is important. Just log everything and gain access to the whole story.

Humio uses high data compression so you can cut hardware costs and store more data. High compression also makes it cost-effective to retain more data for longer, enabling both more detailed analysis and traceability over longer time periods.

All of this makes Humio’s total cost of ownership significantly lower than other platforms. Store data in affordable bucket storage to save even more.

TCO Estimator
Docs: Humio Redefines Log Management TCO
Docs: Calculating how much hardware you need

  • High compression
  • Long retention
  • Less hardware

Deploy Humio in your environment in minutes

  • Integrations
  • Shared dashboards
  • Easy to deploy

An all-in-one log management platform, Humio is easy to buy, install, use, and scale.

Customers report that Humio is significantly easier and faster to deploy and manage, with tools that allow queries and dashboards to be customized for the unique needs of different functions within an organization.

Docs: Integrations
Docs: Widgets
Docs: Dashboards

Enterprise scale

Humio offers the freedom to log hundreds of terabytes a day with no compromises

Real-time observability

Live tailing, live dashboards, and live aggregation

Extensible and open

Humio has an open API for flexible data ingestion and export

Runs in every environment

Run self-hosted on premise, private cloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud, or multicloud

Easy setup and integration

Get started in minutes and integrate with popular tools and platforms

Intuitive and responsive

Intuitive interface and easy-to-use query language to understand and search data and events

Intuitive and easy to use

With an intuitive interface and easy-to-use search language, users quickly create live streaming searches, dashboards, and alerts, and ask ad-hoc questions as issues arise. Humio enables users to understand machine data and events, and quickly investigate them to gain insights that are critical in managing systems and preventing interruptions.

Pipe filters, transformation functions, and aggregation functions use a simple search language tailored for searching and aggregating millions of log lines per second. Going further, all searches and visualizations in Humio can also run on the tail of the log streams.

Docs: Humio Language Syntax
Docs: Dashboards

  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful query language

Humio integrates with enterprise tech stacks

  • Enterprise tech stack
  • Integrations
  • Custom parsers

Humio integrates easily with existing tech stacks with built-in support for platforms like Kubernetes and mainstream protocols like the Elasticsearch API.

Humio works with any data format, and is compatible with most popular open-source data shippers. And our custom parsers make it easy to support any text format – structured or unstructured – so integrating Humio in your existing system is simple and quick.

Docs: Sending Data to Humio
Docs: Integrations
Docs: Data shippers
Docs: Platforms
Docs: API clients

Bucket storage makes all data live data

Humio enables the option to use cloud-based bucket storage for persistent data, removing the boundaries between live data and archived data. Search retained data — even from years ago — and achieve results in seconds without re-ingesting. Cloud deployments of Humio are less expensive and easier to run, and enable almost infinite retention.

Docs: Bucket Storage

  • Efficient storage
  • Fast search
  • Infinite retention

Quotas keep things running smoothly

  • Query
  • Quotas
  • Easy administration

Query quotas allow administrators to limit the amount of CPU, memory, and I/O resources available to users when searching. Usage is tracked continuously as queries are executed, and if a user exceeds their quota, the query is stopped and the user is notified. Default quotas and individual quotas are easy to create and revise.

The query monitor shows what is taking up resources, and what people are doing — and you can kill queries so there are resources for everyone.

Docs: Query Quotas
Docs: Query Monitor

Join data sources for better search results

Easily search for a combined result from two data sets using joins, on live or historical data. Inner joins and left joins enrich the search results and provide targeted results with richer insights.

Docs: Joins
Docs: Query Functions

  • Powerful Queries
  • Real-Time
  • Fast Search

Automate with alerts & web hooks

  • Alerts
  • Webhooks
  • Integrations
  • Incident Management

Monitor your infrastructure and systems with alerts that provide the same sub-second latency from when an event is ingested to when the alert is triggered.

Use custom web hook notifiers to proactively fix issues like unexpected stack-traces or system errors by performing an HTTP(S) request to any URL, even if it’s not natively integrated.

Docs: Alerts
Docs: Webhooks

Secure access with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

With RBAC, an administrator can assign various permissions and access rights to those using Humio. Based on group memberships, a group can have a number of permissions and access to specific repositories and views. This can be done either through a permissions file or through the Administration UI. It also allows for reading group memberships from SAML, LDAP, Auth0, or others, simplifying the management of a large amount of users.

  • Secure
  • Permissions
  • Group memberships

Log everything answer anything in real-time

Humio promises a lot: more data, faster ingestion, real-time queries, longer retention, live dashboards, and easy operations at a fraction of the price.

Too good to be true?

  • Unlimited ingest*
  • Unlimited retention†
  • 20-100x faster search
  • 75% less hardware required
  • Keep 5-15x more data
  • Sub-second ingest latency
  • Bucket storage for retention
  • Compatible with existing tools
  • High availability
  • Fault tolerance
  • Incident management

* with Unlimited Licenses

with Self-Hosted and Unlimited Licenses

Search 1 PB in under a second

Humio’s intelligent filtering and advanced compression reduces the data set and loads it to memory to make brute force search blazing fast.

Why index-free is so fast...

Index-free FunnelTagsCompressionBloom FilterTimeframe
TimeframeHumio stores all data based on its timestamp, and searches are limited to a given timeframe. If you have 1 PB of data covering a year or more, you can reduce the data set by 100x if your search is limited to a few days.
TagsThe context of the data is stored in lightweight tags — summarizing things like where the data came from or how it is used. These are used to further reduce the data set by up to 100x in most cases.
Bloom FilterInformation about ingested data is added to probabilistic Bloom filters. These determine with 100% certainty if the results of a search are not in a given data set. This eliminates the need to access those data sets, further limiting the data sets that require searching.
CompressionHumio compresses all data stored on disk by 5-15x or more. Humio moves index-free compressed data to memory, which takes a fraction of the time of uncompressed, indexed data. In our example, it will be 10x faster or more.
Brute force search

What our customers say

How Humio compares

Humio is purpose-built for the scale of today’s data volumes. While other solutions continue to limit access to data through pre-determined views or limits set to just samples of data, Humio enables users to log everything and answer anything, in real time. Humio unlocks the ability to log limitlessly without adding complexity.

Modern architecture

  • Index-free logging - Humio’s index-free logging lets you search any part of logs, metrics, traces, and any other kind of data.

  • Data streaming and streaming analytics - Humio’s log events are streamed directly into an in-memory state machine, so searches and analytics happen in real time.

  • Multitenant - A single instance and one database can serve multiple customers and organizations, and each unit’s data is isolated and remains invisible to other units.

Lowest cost

  • Lowest TCO - Humio offers the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any major competitor. Find out how much you can save.

  • No more exceeding budgets - Humio’s low-cost, high-capacity pricing plans allow for large and growing log volumes.

  • Resource optimization - Humio won’t require all your resources when ingesting or storing data.

  • Bucket storage - Save on hardware and storage by using fast, cost-effective bucket storage.

Fastest ingest and query

  • Sub-second latency - All queries in Humio (including aggregations and visualizations) run on the live tail with virtually no latency.

  • Data-burst friendly - In Humio, traffic spikes won’t add latency to log pipelines, which could leave dangerous blind spots during the spike.

  • Join data sets with one search - Create a joined query that searches multiple data sets for enriched data and results that provide better insights.

Easiest to use

  • Intuitive search - Humio’s simple search language for filtering and aggregations allows almost any data calculation.

  • Sharable dashboards and alerts - Easy to configure shared dashboards to power live system visibility across organizations.

  • Dedicated support - Work personally with a Humio engineer to configure, optimize, or troubleshoot an installation.

Most flexible

  • Run Self-hosted or SaaS - Humio is available as a self-hosted solution, as SaaS, with Humio Cloud, or as a hybrid solution.

  • Works in any environment - Humio is compatible with most open-source log-shippers and logging frameworks, and can easily be adapted for new ones.

  • Scalable - Humio grows with you, from one developer optimizing code to a global enterprise running in a distributed multicloud environment.

Industry-defining Unlimited Plans

  • Removes financial constraints - Our transformative Unlimited Plans remove the cost of exceeding contract ingest limits.

  • Eliminates stingy technology constraints - Our modern architecture uses as little as 20% of the resources used by competing products.

  • Gives users autonomy - By removing obstacles, Humio enables users to determine what they want to log, and what they can access to investigate incidents.

  • Shifts organizational culture - When organizations log and store everything, they discover innovative ways to improve cybersecurity, privacy, and business resilience.

Run Humio on any infrastructure


Run it anywhere you want

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud


Start logging in the cloud

Humio Cloud

Enterprise-grade log management for modern organizations

High Availability

Ensure up-time with replication, node redundancy and failovers

Blacklist queries

Prevent a problem query from taking down your cluster

Incident Management

Ingest and retain more with 75% less hardware


Use your existing user database and authentication methods

AWS Bucket Storage (S3) Archiving

Store everything in the cloud long-term to use with other systems

Bucket Storage

Use bucket storage as persistent disks for significant cost savings and longer retention


Serve multiple organizations with a single database with data isolated to other units.

Quota Administration

Quota Monitor and query quotas keep the system running smoothly

Ready to try Humio?

Start your free trial now, available Self-hosted and SaaS, or request a demo to see how Humio can solve your logging needs.