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The White House issued an executive order to improve cybersecurity and protect government networks. The order comes in the wake of several prominent attacks against public-sector and private-sector infrastructure in recent months including the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack that disrupted fuel supplies and triggered gasoline shortages.

The order, intended to increase information sharing, improve cybersecurity readiness and response, and reduce software supply chain vulnerabilities, instructs agencies to improve investigative and remediation capabilities by introducing more robust and consistent logging practices. More specifically, section 8 of the executive order states:

Information from network and system logs on Federal Information Systems (for both on-premises systems and connections hosted by third parties, such as CSPs) is invaluable for both investigation and remediation purposes. It is essential that agencies and their IT service providers collect and maintain such data and, when necessary, to address a cyber incident on FCEB Information Systems, provide them upon request to the Secretary of Homeland Security through the Director of CISA and to the FBI, consistent with applicable law.

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