Over 1 petabyte (PB) of log data per day

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Log management at unprecedented speed and scale

Today’s IT leaders are responsible for preventing system outages, protecting the organization from attacks and ensuring optimal performance across all workloads. For these efforts, they need to use all log data available to understand and manage their environment.

Humio recently set the industry standard by reaching a benchmark of over 1PB of data ingestion per day. The environment only required 45 nodes with 96 cores each, running 30 million events per second and delivering search results with sub-second latency through Humio’s index-free architecture. For comparison, other vendors require up to 1,200 nodes to reach a mere 100TB.

In the quest for complete observability, you need more log data — and the ability to manage and store that data without exceeding your budget. Humio gives you industry-leading total cost of ownership and the ability to remove the limitations present in legacy logging solutions, bringing unlimited data ingestion while reducing infrastructure costs.

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