Optimize business operations and enhance end-user experiences

IBM and Humio show the value of streaming observability for hybrid multicloud systems and modern applications

As organizations of all sizes are moving to a hybrid cloud, or multicloud infrastructure as well as utilizing microservices and containers, they need new tools to deliver real-time insights required to quickly analyze the ever-increasing amount of event and log data and proactively resolve issues that may lead to an outage.

Join this workshop to see how IBM and Humio are collaborating to deliver complete observability of complex IT environments at scale, with a lower total cost of ownership to optimize business operations and enhance end-user experiences.

During this workshop you will learn about:

  • The IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management and the ecosystem included to extend capabilities for organizations of all sizes.

  • How IBM and Humio collaborate to deliver a solution that enables organizations to log all of their data, structured or unstructured, in real time and at scale.

  • How to leverage Humio’s live metrics and log data to improve ITOps efficiency across business applications, virtualized servers, network devices and protocols, internet protocols, and security and storage devices.

  • How Humio’s unique data compression enables logging at scale while requiring much less hardware than other platforms.

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About IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management:

The IBM Cloud Pak for Multicloud Management, running on Red Hat OpenShift, is an application-centric, AI-driven IT management platform designed to provide full visibility and control wherever your workloads run.

It can help you achieve your application modernization goals as part of your IT transformation. You'll have the tools and capabilities to infuse AI across your IT operations toolchain for the insights you need to automate time-consuming management tasks.

Enable SRE and IT operations to remotely manage the entire development, security, and operations pipelines from a single control plane. Automation delivers the operational efficiency and application resiliency necessary to ensure business continuity and continuous innovation.

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