Optimize Threat Hunting and Incident Response

Preparing for the Unknown Workshop Series

Watch now to see how Pondurance uses real-time log data to help their customers mitigate security threats and quickly get to the root cause to minimize the impact of a breach.

Watch this workshop to learn:

  • What steps can be taken to proactively prepare for the unknown, to identify issues, discover the root cause, mitigate any damage, and prevent it from happening again.

  • How to avoid gaps of complete system observability by logging all of your data.

  • What tools and resources to consider when designing a strong security program.

  • Strategies for capturing and using data that is essential for business resilience.

  • How Pondurance is using streaming log data to detect and mitigate cyberthreats.

  • How Pondurance helps their customers with threat hunting and incident response.

  • How the Pondurance TH+R platform works, including pivots and data functions.

We hope you find the content informative. Please reach out to us at events@humio.com with any follow up questions.