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Integrated Network Visibility Solution for Security Professionals

corelight-logo-full-color-RGBCorelight and Humio's integrated solution helps companies manage security threats and gain visibility across a company's entire network.  Humio's instant, streaming search capabilities coupled with simple per- sensor pricing options makes it a perfect compliment for Corelight and open source Bro users.

    Corelight & Humio Solution Datasheet

Eliminate Security Threats with Corelight+cPacket+Humio







Humio+SyntaxHumio powers a new Syntax Managed Cloud Threat Security Solution with real-time ability to monitor, alert, and investigate compromises. Reduce complexity and cost while decreasing credential theft by enabling real-time detection and response to active breaches.

    Managed Cloud Threat Security Solution






LightbendHumio drives real-time observability for Lightbend Fast Data Platform to enable customers to ingest large data volumes efficiently on-prem. The integration delivers a complimentary On-Prem log management solution to provide deeper context, visualization, and real-time analysis.

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Consulting Providers

logo-bigAs experts in Cloud Native strategy and technology, Container Solutions support clients with cloud migrations. Their diverse team of experts is equipped with a broad range of cloud native skills, with a focus on data processing and microservices. Container Solutions maintains offices in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Germany.


OpenCredo-logoOpenCredo is a pragmatic, hands-on consultancy specialising in high-quality technical solutions across Cloud, Data Engineering, and Application Architecture. They have deep technical expertise in emerging styles of application delivery and infrastructure automation and are based in London, UK.


spantree-logo-3xSpantree is a small and nimble boutique consultancy delivering intelligent, high-quality software solutions for the web. They understand the challenging nature of working with legacy code, and prefer an evolutionary and iterative approach to software design, focusing on high-value enhancements in favor of wholesale reengineering. Therefore, testing early in the cycle in evangelised to ensure software quality and boost developer productivity.


TriforkTrifork is a leading, full-service supplier of high-quality, custom-built applications and end-to-end solutions. They practice a lean approach to support each phase of the project life-cycle from idea creation, development, and to ongoing maintenance and support. Trifork delivers solutions for the educational, finance, public, healthcare, manufacturing and telecom industries.