3 GB Storage
7 Day Retention
1 User

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1 100

1 600

2 000

2 300


30 Day Retention *
5 Users *

* Customization available on request.

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From 1 to 100s TB/month
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Humio Features

Personal SaaS On Premise
Users 1 user 5 users* 5 users*
Retention 7 days 30 Days* Unlimited
Live and Shareable Dashboards Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Volume Bursts Allowed Yes Yes Yes
Live Real time Queries Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Alerts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Rest API Yes Yes Yes
Supported Integrations Yes Yes Yes
Custom Parsers Supported Based on customer requirements Based on customer requirements
Support Community Slack, Email Personal point of Contact, Community Slack, and Email Personal point of Contact, Community Slack, and Email
Onboarding Online Tutorial Onboarding meeting and support Onboarding meeting and support
Trial Free forever 30 Day Free Trial 30 Day Free Trial
*Additional Users and Retention can be added to plans.


Asked Questions

Can I add more than 5 users on my Humio Plan?

The standard Humio Plans allow for 5 users for SaaS and On-Premise. Users can be added at an additional rate of $10 per month/user.

I’d like to retain my data for over 30 days, is that possible?
Yes, we can provide additional retention policies. You can add 30 day increments to your plan at an additional cost of $100/month/TB per 30 day retention periods. For example, 90 day retention of 0.5TB would be an additional $150/month. Another example would be to keep a total of 1TB of data for a 1 year, which would be $1200 for the whole year. The 1TB will then retain the latest 1TB of data ingested, deleting the old events when new data flows in. Storage is accounted in increments of 1TB and is on top of the data amount in the monthly ingest rate.
What about bursts, do you allow for log volume bursts?
Yes, we know that log volumes can be unpredictable and we’d like to make sure that, in times of sudden log volume bursts, you have a tool that works for you. Humio allows for log volume bursts in both the SaaS and On-Premise version. We’ll contact you if your volumes have significantly increased, as you may need to upgrade to a higher level plan.
What happens at the end of my trial?
We begin the trial as soon as you start sending data to Humio or when you download an On-Premise version. Once the 30 day trial period is over, you'll only able to query your most recent data. All your data will still be available if you decide to continue using Humio. We’ll contact you before the end of your trial period to discuss plans and put together a plan that fits best with your team needs.
What is the difference between the Personal and Free Trial?
The Personal Plan is a place for everyone who’d like to try and use Humio with small, personal projects. The Free Trial is appropriate if you plan to use Humio within your company or organization.
How do I download a free On-Premise Version of Humio?
Contact us and we'll give you access to download Humio. Humio comes as a Docker image.
I have multi-TB log volumes per day, can I run a clustered version of Humio?
In general, Humio can manage about 1TB of ingest log volume/day on a single node. If you're over this volume, we can provide dedicated engineering support to assist in the install, test, and production set-up of a clustered version. Contact us to set up a trial.
Do you offer discounted plans?
We offer discounted plans for non-profit organizations and start-ups. Contact us to get started.
Do you have something for open source projects?
We offer a free version of a hosted SaaS for open source founders and maintainers. Contact us to get started.
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