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Gartner warns that “commercial tools will be more expensive to acquire than open source; however, their TCO is often lower.” ***
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Data loaded into Humio each day
GB / day
Number of days data held by Humio for searching
Number of Humio users. We assume not all will search at once (we estimate 1 in 10).
The percentage of your total data your typical query will cover.

This estimator is useful in obtaining a general estimation of possible on-premise monthly costs. Enter your information and then simply click selections and move the sliders to estimate costs.*

System requirements

Estimated throughput

2 GB/s

Estimated throughput

An estimate of the top-line query throughput speed that is needed for the amount of data and users specified.

Minimum cluster memory

18 GB

Minimum cluster memory

Minimum amount of memory needed across the cluster in order to deliver expected query performance.

Estimated storage

0.38 TB

Estimated storage

The required storage for the specified ingest rate and query history. Two replicas are assumed to be in use to provide a fault tolerant setup.


Affordable pricing available for every environment

Humio Unlimited Plan

  • Real-time logging without limits
  • Unlimited ingest
  • Unlimited retention

POC available on request

Free SaaS Tier

  • One repository, one user, 2GB ingest/day, 7-day retention
  • Community-driven
  • Free forever, upgrade if you need

No credit card required

Pay as you scale

Self-hosted or SaaS

Ingest per day

Humio Self-hosted

  • Unlimited retention
  • Allowance for volume bursts
  • Free 30-day trial

Customizations available on request

From $70 USD/month
billed annually

Humio SaaS

  • 30-day data retention
  • Allowance for volume bursts
  • Free 30-day trial

Customizations available on request

From $81 USD/month
billed annually

† Final prices may vary due to local taxes, terms, and customizations. The prices shown do not constitute an offer, and may change at any time without notice. Please consult with a Humio engineer for further details since certain use cases might impact price.

Contact us for a POC or to request a demo.

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LimitsFree SaaS tierHumio SaaSSelf-hostedHumio Unlimited
Ingest/day2 GB2 GB - 5 TB2 GB - 5 TBUnlimited
Retention7 days30+ daysUnlimitedUnlimited
Trial-30-day trial30-day trial30-day trial upon request
FeaturesFree SaaS tierHumio SaaSSelf-hostedHumio Unlimited
Unlimited views
Live streaming trial
Real-time alerts
API access
Automatic field parsing
Custom parsers
Unlimited saved queries
Unlimited dashboards
Backup support
Bucket Storage support
Query Quotas
Amazon Bucket (S3) Archiving
Clustering support
High availability
Audit logging
Hot/Cold Storage
UsersFree SaaS tierHumio SaaSSelf-hostedHumio Unlimited
Users (user names)15 included5 included50 included
OAuth authentication
SAML authentication
LDAP Authentication
AD Authentication

Pricing FAQ

In general, Humio can manage about 1 TB of ingest log volume/day on a large single node. To estimate the requirements for your setup, please see Instance Sizing Docs.

Estimating daily ingest can be difficult. If you are considering Humio as an alternative to a traditional log management tool, you shouldn’t directly compare the ingest number. This is because Humio does not generate large indexes and metadata that increase the input’s size.

The best way to estimate your daily ingest is to start a trial and see how much log and metric data you generate.

Yes, we can provide additional retention policies. You can add 30 day increments to your plan at an additional cost of $100 USD/TB per 30-day additional retention. Storage is accounted in increments of 1 TB and is on top of the data amount in the onprem ingest rate.

For example, an additional 90 day retention for an ingest rate of 1 TB would be an additional $300 USD/month. This would get you a total retention of 120 days and allow you to keep 4 TB in total.

If you ingest 2 TB of data each month and keep all of it for 6 months, this is 5 months of additional storage for a total of up to 12 TB per month. The cost for this scenario would be $1000/month on top of the ingest price.

We know that log volumes can be unpredictable, and we’d like to make sure that in times of sudden log volume bursts Humio continues to work for you.

Humio allows for log volume bursts in all versions. Before charging you for surpassing your data limit, we'll contact you if your volumes have significantly increased, and discuss the need to upgrade to a higher level plan.

Yes. In general, Humio can manage about 1 TB of ingest log volume/day on a single node. If you're over this volume, we can provide dedicated engineering support to assist in the install, test, and production setup of a clustered version. Contact us to set up a trial.

You can download a 30-day Self-hosted trial of Humio at Getting started.

We begin the trial as soon as you have installed Humio. Once the 30-day trial period is over, you'll only able to query your most recent data. All your data will still be available if you decide to continue using Humio. We’ll contact you before the end of your trial period to discuss options and put together a plan that fits best with your organization needs.

The standard Humio plans allow for five named users for Self-hosted and SaaS. Users can be added at an additional rate of $120 USD/user per year.

The quoted prices listed above are for direct sales within the United States, before taxes.

Final prices may depend on several factors, such as, but not limited to: Country of the purchaser, local sales tax and VAT, added service such as increased SLA levels or additional users licenses, or value added by third-parties.

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