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Purpose-built all-in-one log management
fast, scalable and efficient

Ingest everything, without worrying
about hardware costs and limits

  • Fast Ingest
  • Less Hardware
  • Ingest Any Format
Don't waste time limiting or deciding which data to send to the system. Humio specifically engineered a custom-built time-series database to be highly optimized for continuous, concurrent writes. This paired with highly-efficient data compression allows engineers to send ALL relevant log data and instantly query that data with sub-second latency.

Fast free-text search with no indexing!

  • Fast Search
  • Live Tail
  • Live Aggregation
  • Full-Text & Fields
Indexing can be a very computationally expensive activity, causing latency between data entering a system and then being included in search results and visualizations. Humio does almost no indexing so it remains lightning fast without any compromise on search performance.

Full-text search means you can search anything, in any field, without relying on pre-parsed fields. “Schema on read” allows you to extract data, define new fields and use them to filter and aggregate as you query – all at blazing speeds.

Live observability with sub-second latency
from data ingest to visualization

  • Real-Time
  • Sub-second Latency
  • Shared Dashboards
Humio aggregates, alerts and visualizes data in REAL real-time, because no matter what volume of data you send to Humio, data is processed instantly. This gives you live observability and insights into the operations and health of your system.

Share dashboards across teams and answer questions like:

  • How has performance changed since the latest deployment?
  • Which database queries are the slowest?
  • Which IPs have tried to log into our system in the past 24 hours?

Automate with alerts & webhooks

  • Alerts
  • Webhooks
  • Integrations
  • Incident Management
Use built-in notifiers and custom webhooks to monitor your infrastructure and systems. Proactively fix issues like machines running low on disk space, or unexpected stack-traces and system errors.

Alerts are based on the same mechanism as live queries and therefore provide the same sub-second latency from an event is ingested to an alert is triggered.

Hide sensitive data on-the-fly

  • Views
  • Access Control
  • Security Restrictions
  • Data Redaction
Views are like virtual repositories that read data from other repos. You can use views to combine, filter, and transform the data before making it searchable – similar to how views work in a SQL database. This allows you to implement on-the-fly security restrictions and access control at query-time. Use regular expressions to globally remove or redact sensitive information from any field - even in the middle of a log statement – while keeping the original data unmodified in the logs.

Keep 5-20x more data, for longer

  • High Compression
  • Long Retention
  • Less Hardware
Stop worrying about log quotas and deciding what data is important. Just log everything and gain access to the whole story.

Humio uses high data compression so you can cut hardware costs and store more data. Most users reduce their hardware needs by 75% with the same level of ingest. High compression also makes it cost-effective to retain more data for longer, enabling both more detailed analysis and traceability over longer time periods. All of this makes Humio's total cost of ownership significantly lower than other platforms.

Humio promises a lot: more data, faster ingestion, real-time queries, longer retention, live dashboards, and easy operations at a fraction of the price.

Ready to start logging everything?

What our customers say

The expressiveness of the queries
means that I feel like a Jedi master
when I write queries in Humio.

Niels Beck - CTO, BeScord Banking

Too good to be true?

  • Unlimited Ingest*
  • Unlimited Retention**
  • 20-100x Faster Search
  • 75% Less Hardware Required
  • Keep 5-20x More Data
  • Sub-second Ingest Latency
  • Compatible with Existing Tools
  • High Availability & Fault Tolerance
  • Incident Management

Humio compared to similar platforms

Humio vs ElasticSearch / Logstash / Kibana (ELK)

  • Minimize Hardware CostsHumio provides efficient data compression and storage.
  • OptimizationHumio won’t require all your resources when ingesting data.
  • Sub-Second LatencyAvoid delays of real-time data in Humio due to slow ingest.
  • No More Hard-to-Write QueriesHumio's flexible query language makes it easy to write the query you need.

Humio vs Splunk

  • No More Exceeding BudgetsHumio's low cost, high capacity pricing plans allow for large and growing log volumes.
  • Be ScalableHumio is designed for Devs and DevOps requiring a reliable and scalable log management tool.
  • Easily Send LogsHumio is compatible with most open source log-shippers and logging frameworks and can easily be adapted for new ones.
  • Dedicated SupportWork personally with a Humio engineer.

Humio vs Datadog, Papertrail, other SaaS monitoring platforms

  • Run On-Premises Humio is available as both a self-hosted solution or as SaaS with Humio Cloud. Either way, you keep your sensitive data safe.
  • Low CostHumio's prices let you store more and query as much as you want.
  • Sub-Second Latency / Real-TimeAll queries in Humio (including aggregations and visualizations) run on the live tail with no latency.
  • Data Burst FriendlyIn Humio, traffic spikes on your site won't add latency to your log pipeline, effectively making you blind during the spike.
  • FlexibilityHumio's simple query language for filtering and aggregations allows you to do almost any calculation on your data.

Run Humio on Any Infrastructure


  • Kubernetes
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Microsoft Azure

Humio Cloud

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