Being selective with your log data can have serious consequences

When you don't have to decide what data is important or not, you have access to the whole story. And you can answer any question instantly.

Handles any log formats


Humio can be customised to support any log format directly, from any service or platform.

High data compression


Humio compresses your data so you can store orders of magnitude more compared to other tools.

Schema on read


Ask any question at any time without relying on indexes; “schema on read” means ad-hoc queries at blazing speeds.

Send us all of your log data.

Any system, any framework, any format.

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Parsing logs

Parse any log format

Humio comes with built-in support for popular log formats and can be customised to parse logs from any source. Therefore, integrating Humio into your existing stack isn’t a problem.

Store logs efficiently

Humio stores compressed data, thereby providing the ideal On-Premise solution requiring otherwise large storage expenses.
Data compression
Query language

Query your data with our powerful query language

Easily go from simple filters to advanced aggregations. Our query language is build after the pipeline found in Unix command prompts. Pipe filters, transformation functions, and aggregation functions using a simple, yet powerful, query language tailored for searching and aggregating millions of log lines per second. Oh, and all queries and visualizations can also run on the tail of the live log streams.

Share dashboards with your team

Answer questions like “What is our cluster up time? What are the most frequent Exceptions thrown? How has performance changed since the latest deployment? Which database queries are the slowest?”
Team dashboards
Instant logging

And answer any question, instantly

Humio is fast, providing your data right at your fingertips. Encouraging rapid, interactive drill-down into your logs, you’ll quickly find hidden behavioral patterns in your system, debug failures as they happen, or see logs for a concrete request. Go from looking at a few specific log lines to aggregating over millions in one fluent process.

How Humio Compares to:

Other SaaS Solutions

Other Log Management Cloud Solutions

  • Streaming to the core: All queries in Humio (incl. aggregations and visualizations) run on the live tail with no latency.
  • Burst friendly: In Humio, traffic spikes on your site won't add latency to your log pipeline, effectively making you blind during the spike.
  • Ease of use: Work with Humio's simple query language for filtering and aggregations.
Running Elastic Stack

Running Elastic / Logstash / Kibana

  • No more hard-to-write queries: Humio's flexible query language makes it easy to write the query you need.
  • Optimisation: Humio won’t require all your resources when ingesting data.
  • Speediness: Avoid delays of real-time data in Humio due to slow ingest.
  • Minimise hardware costs: Humio provides efficient data compression and storage.
Running Splunk

Running Splunk

  • No more exceeding budgets: Humio's low cost, high capacity pricing plans allow for large and growing log volumes.
  • Be scalable: Humio is designed for Devs and DevOps requiring a reliable and scalable log management tool.
  • Easily send logs: Humio has an open API-based data integration.
  • Dedicated support: Work personally with a Humio engineer.