How a Purpose-Built Log Management Platform Allows for Observability at Scale

Watch now to see an overview of how Humio’s modern log management solution allows for complete observability of complex systems through index-free search, sub-second alerts, and live dashboards. Humio’s advanced compression provides the lowest TCO, even at scale.

Watch this workshop to learn:

  • The value of logging everything to ensure you have the data needed to quickly determine the root cause when an issue occurs, as well as prevent future issues from arising.

  • How live searches, dashboards, and alerts allow for real-time insights from highly distributed infrastructure and modern applications.

  • How Humio’s unique data compression enables logging at scale while requiring much less hardware than other platforms.

  • How to quickly and easily get up and running with a SaaS or Self-Hosted 30-day free trial of Humio.

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