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Humio Redefines Log Management TCO
In this report, learn how Humio removes what may be the biggest single barrier to effective log management: the cost of collecting enough data to make the effort worthwhile.

Humio’s Scalability Benchmark: 100TB per day, 2.2M events per second, on only 25 nodes, live
Lead by Humio engineer, Grant Schofield, and determined to reveal Humio’s ease to provide live observability at scale, engineers used the native Kubernetes configuration to demonstrate the performance many of Humio’s large-scale enterprise customers are leveraging to maintain observability across their distributed systems.

Index-Free: The Architecture of Modern Log Management Platforms
For anyone responsible for log management, the concept of “index-free logging” might seem far-fetched. But this is the future architecture of log management solutions. Customers need more out of their logging solutions and using an index-free approach will enable them to get faster results at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches continuing to use indexing.

Index-Free Logging
Are indexes necessary, or simply overhead?

Security: Detect, Investigate, Respond, Live
Identify more threats faster and analyze with greater intelligence.

Looking for an Alternative to Splunk, Elasticsearch, Sumo Logic, or Datadog?
Consider running multiple log management systems instead.

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Chaos Engineering Observability: Bringing Chaos Experiments into System Observability.
By Russ Miles, Chaos Engineering Officer (CEO) of

Distributed Systems Observability
by Cindy Sridharan, Distributed Systems Engineer

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Technical briefs

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Customer stories

Finance: Fintech audit trail logging, handling sensitive data by logging everything, instantly.

Finance: FreeAgent leverages the power of software to simplify processes and organize streaming financial data.

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Education: Providing observability and cutting labor costs to nearly zero.

Education: Scalable, fast, and efficient log management in a cloud native environment.

Healthcare: A healthy look at analytics, with flexibility in logs that lead to better team health.

Banking: Log management for a Kubernetes and cloud-native environment.

M1 Finance
Finance: Real-time observability for intelligent financial solutions.

Michigan State University
University: Real-time observability to identify and investigate security threats, logging all data for instant visibility and data-driven analysis.

Mono Solutions
SaaS-based digital marketing platform: Moving from Elastic to Humio to optimizing performance while minimizing resources.

Log everything: Streaming log analysis impacting sales, support, and customers.

On the dot
Store to door delivery: Full visibility with high-performing and flexible log management.

SpareBank 1
Finance: Providing security, meeting strict compliance requirements, and increasing ingest tenfold.

Security: Transforming all departments of an MSSP SOC firm and providing new opportunities.

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Product information

Humio Log Management: Fast, Scalable, Efficient
Full visibility into complex, distributed systems without the limitations of legacy logging solutions.

Log Management Platform for DevOps, ITOps and Security Teams
Single, cost-effective solution delivering instant and aggregated view across all production data.

Log it all: Observability Site License
Humio is a high-performance log management solution that delivers real-time monitoring and investigation capabilities for developers and operations teams.

Humio Log Management for Security
The most powerful and affordable Self-hosted log management solution for security and fast incident response. Instantly detect anomalies with live searches and do real-time (live) monitoring of all of your data in a single place.