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Modern log management built for today’s complex systems

Learn how Humio enables live system observability with streaming log management at any scale.

Streaming data

Humio ingests streaming log and event data the moment it arrives, without indexing, and regardless of bursts, so you see what’s happening in real time. Because it uses advanced compression, you can ingest terabytes of data every day, store it all, and search everything in a matter of seconds.


Humio is designed with a revolutionary index-free architecture, so it works with any structured or unstructured data. Because you don’t need to define fields upfront, there’s no delay for indexing, and you can ask any question with live or archived data.

Built to scale

The Humio engine was built from the ground up to scale to hundreds of terabytes per day. Humio optimizes every use of compute, transfer, and storage, so it has virtually no latency, even at huge volumes. Humio provides the lowest TCO of any log management solution available.

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  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reduces storage costs
  • Frees up maintenance resources
  • Requires less training
  • Improves compliance
  • Improves quality and reliability of systems
  • Prepares the organization for the unknown
  • Reduces risk from unmonitored data
  • Improves response time
  • Reduces time to recovery
  • Deepens understanding of the environment
  • Inspires a culture of exploration
  • Drives curiosity and data-driven decisions
  • Enhances the customer experience

A Humio engineer will show you how understanding machine data and easily investigating for deeper insights is critical in managing systems and preventing interruptions. Humio enables organizations of any size to understand large amounts of data, share dashboards with real-time visualizations, instantly pinpoint concerns or vulnerabilities, and easily explore all your data to to find answers.

How can you prepare your organization for the unknown? The most challenging incidents are those that are unforeseen, and often happen where monitoring isn’t in place. We’ll show you how Humio empowers teams to log everything and search anything to get to the root cause and minimize recovery time.

Search 1 PB in under a second

Humio’s intelligent filtering and advanced compression reduces the data set and loads it to memory to make brute force search blazing fast.

Why index-free is so fast...

Index-free FunnelTagsCompressionBloom FilterTimeframe
TimeframeHumio stores all data based on its timestamp, and searches are limited to a given timeframe. If you have 1 PB of data covering a year or more, you can reduce the data set by 100x if your search is limited to a few days.
TagsThe context of the data is stored in lightweight tags — summarizing things like where the data came from or how it is used. These are used to further reduce the data set by up to 100x in most cases.
Bloom FilterInformation about ingested data is added to probabilistic Bloom filters. These determine with 100% certainty if the results of a search are not in a given data set. This eliminates the need to access those data sets, further limiting the data sets that require searching.
CompressionHumio compresses all data stored on disk by 5-15x or more. Humio moves index-free compressed data to memory, which takes a fraction of the time of uncompressed, indexed data. In our example, it will be 10x faster or more.
Brute force search

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