Advanced Log Management Course Spring ‘22


Includes six sessions guiding participants through the exploration and application of innovations in DevOps, infrastructure management, and threat hunting.

Multi-session educational course

As technologies change and businesses strive for complete visibility across their distributed infrastructure, having access to the right log data at the right time is critical. 

This course will arm DevOps, ITOps and SecOps practitioners and decision makers with observability tactics necessary to enable their department and organization to scale quickly and deliver real-time business value. 

This series builds upon our first log management course and will cover in-depth knowledge, techniques and best practices for a future-proof end user experience.

Certificate of completion and session badges for your LinkedIn profile

Receive a certificate of completion and badge for each log management course session you attend live. 

Join the Advanced Log Management Course Spring ‘22 conversation in our public Slack workspace MeetHumio. We set up a channel for each session to have a dedicated area to ask questions, engage with presenters and peers, and share insights. 

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  1. Prevent Blindspots Across Kubernetes Environments

  2. Gain Resilience, Agility and Scale with Centralized Log Management

  3. Prepare to Scale and Deliver Real-Time Business Value with Modern Log Management

  4. Maximize Detection Capabilities and Strengthen Resilience

  5. Enhance Falcon’s Memory with Extended Retention

  6. Break Threat Patterns with complete visibility across all your data