Advanced log management course: strategies, techniques, and tactics


Master tactics that allow for scalability while planning, designing, and integrating development and security practices into every aspect of your infrastructure.

6-session log management course

As digital technologies transform industry after industry, businesses are increasingly revisiting and adopting new modern log management techniques to enable transparency and speed.

However, the speed and frequency can come into conflict with established methods of security and compliance.

As ITOps, DevOps, SecOps, security and IT practitioners, we are challenged to demonstrate unique approaches and modernize IT infrastructure while improving performance significantly.

Despite differences in transformation approaches, many leading companies are following some key principles and new practices as they scale and prepare for the future.

This six session educational course provides practitioners with an in-depth overview of new log management techniques, capabilities and practices. If properly implemented, modern log management offers enormous advantages.

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Key course takeaways

Learn how to plan, architect, and design a modern log management solution that breaks silos, increases transparency, and delivers real-time business insights

Examine modern log management principles used to optimize application delivery speed, system visibility, and security

Discover how to increase resilience by enabling security workflows, threat modeling, compliance requirements, and real-time threat hunting

Get an in-depth technical overview of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedure (TTP), threat intelligence frameworks, SIEM rule engineering, and data forensics

Learn technical strategies to drive context in your analysis, techniques on implementing AIOps and risk management as you scale

Explore best-in-class tools that help you drive infrastructure cost savings at scale and improve efficiency, without sacrificing speed