Break Threat Patterns with Complete Visibility Across all Your Data

Multi-session educational course

Master threat hunting practices to resolve incidents before they impact mission critical assets.

Learn about threat hunting for all roles and skill levels. Hear how modern log management helps quickly identify the root cause of an issue. Get tips on what to look for and best courses of action for prevention and remediation — resolving incidents before they impact your mission critical assets. 

During this on-demand session you will learn to:

  • Get started with threat hunting capabilities

  • Quickly implement proven systems and mechanisms to drive resilience 

  • Build a threat hunting team that leverages skills across your organization and breaks down silos

If you prefer to register for all six Log Management Course Spring ‘22 sessions you can do so here.

Join the Advanced Log Management Course Spring ‘22 conversation in our public Slack workspace MeetHumio. We set up a channel for each session to have a dedicated area to ask questions, engage with presenters and peers, and share insights. 

Sign up for the MeetHumio workspace to access the #lmc_spring22_session channels. For session 6 of the course use #lmc_spring22_session_6.

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Ken Greene

Humio Director of Strategic Alliances at CrowdStrike

Michael Sentonas

CrowdStrike Chief Technology Officer

Todd Wingler

Global Senior Director of Alliances at Corelight