How to Optimize Your Log Management Strategy (APJ)

Explore how Humio elevates your log management strategy by augmenting Splunk, Elastic and other platforms

Are your data ingestion needs growing but you’re not ready to replace your existing solution? Learn how to augment your legacy solution with a modern, purpose-built log management platform that can help you capture and search over 1PB of log data per day. In this webinar designed for both IT professionals and business leaders, you’ll discover new approaches to DevOps and ITOps modernization, and get tips for evaluating log management solutions based on performance, scalability and budget.

During this live webinar you’ll learn to:

  • Define and architect a path to achieve your data ingestion scalability goals for today and tomorrow

  • Deliver insights from your log data at any scale

  • Create a log management ecosystem that delivers higher performance at a lower total cost of ownership

Featured speakers:

Steve McMahon, CIO and VP of Operations, CrowdStrike

John Smith, Humio Technical Marketing Engineer, CrowdStrike

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