Humio Community Edition Workshop

Workshop length: 2 hours

Attend this hands-on workshop to learn and implement unique and powerful use cases on Humio Community Edition (HCE). Join Humio experts as they showcase a few projects created in our demo labs. We will also discuss tactics for maximizing the value of the HCE offering - the largest no-cost data ingestion offering in the industry that includes 16 GB of streaming data ingestion per day and 7-day retention. 

Prerequisite for this interactive workshop: register for the free Humio Community Edition.  

Join the workshop to learn:

  • How to get the most value out of Humio Community Edition’s powerful streaming data ingestion 

  • Tips to help you easily ingest data, build dashboards, search queries, and set alerts to help translate the value of log data into actionable insights

  • How to utilize HCE for new use cases


Arfan Sharif - Humo Sales Engineer at CrowdStrike

Bjorn Graabek - Humo Sales Engineer at CrowdStrike

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