Integrating security throughout your infrastructure

Multi-session educational course

View this workshop on-demand to learn how to increase resiliency by enabling security workflows, threat modeling, compliance requirements, and real-time threat hunting

Central log management is an important tool for an organization’s threat management capabilities and compliance requirements. Modern security operations center activities require access to log data from a variety of sources as well as tips on how to use these logs in driving context and correlation. Learn how to use logs for threat hunting, driving compliance, and reporting.

Topics covered:

  • Enabling efficient security workflows 

  • SIEM rule engineering - requirements (threat modeling and risk)

  • Case management, SOC, and threat hunting

  • Driving compliance and reporting  

  • Optional enrichment - asset data, and VM scans 

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Huzaifa Dalal

Head of Product Marketing

Simon Simonsen

Humio Head of IT Security at CrowdStrike

Vincent Cosomano

Security Team Lead at Vijilan Security