SKILup Hour: The Value of Data and Automation

The modern IT environment is highly distributed, complex and inherently dynamic, composed of resources that are sometimes here today and gone tomorrow. A modern log management platform provides enhanced observability to help IT teams effectively manage this network of applications, giving teams the visibility -- in real time – of what’s going on in the environment. By capturing and retaining log data, organizations also get a record of what has happened in the past to help investigate incidents and uncover trends. At the center of this effort is visibility into log and events data. This information is an invaluable resource that helps you troubleshoot issues and uncover the root cause of an incident. With log data, you can even proactively identify and resolve anomalies before they impact applications, using automation to increase speed and efficiency for mission-critical tasks.

Join our experts for this SKILup Hour to learn more about data and automation. 

You Will Learn

  • How centralized log management and automation solutions allow customers to respond to – and even anticipate -- incidents when working with data coming from a network of distributed systems 

  • Methods to design a rule-based approach to help automate tasks, using rapid data analysis to trigger actions

  • Best practices from organizations who are using massive amounts of log and events data to deliver a more responsive and agile IT environment

Who Should Attend

Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), DevOps and Engineering Leaders, Developers, IT Operations People, Support Analysts, Cloud Architects, and Site Reliability Engineers.

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