Security Operations

Humio re-architected log management to increase SIEM efficiency, remove blindspots with streaming observability across all systems, and enable real-time threat detection.

Index Free and Fast

  • Live searches and real time dashboards reduce detection times.

  • Sub-second search across petabytes of data gives threat hunters the freedom to unleash their creativity and curiosity.

Unlimited Ingest Plans

  • Ingest all your logs to remove blindspots from your environment.

  • Gain cost certainty and freedom to maximise detection coverage.

Compression and Efficient storage

  • Longer retention periods allow investigations to uncover the complete kill chain.

  • Access to all relevant logs brings certainty to containment and remediation efforts.

Full and open API

  • Integrate Humio with your choice of threat intelligence and SOAR platforms.

  • Enrich events with valuable context from your identity, asset, vulnerability and threat intelligence data sets.

Humio’s comprehensive query language and completely customisable dashboards and alerts provide SOC teams with the tools they need to manage threats and gain deep insights into their security posture and all activity within the environment.

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Why index-free is so fast...

Index-free FunnelTagsCompressionBloom FilterTimeframe
TimeframeHumio stores all data based on its timestamp, and searches are limited to a given timeframe. If you have 1 PB of data covering a year or more, you can reduce the data set by 100x if your search is limited to a few days.
TagsThe context of the data is stored in lightweight tags — summarizing things like where the data came from or how it is used. These are used to further reduce the data set by up to 100x in most cases.
Bloom FilterInformation about ingested data is added to probabilistic Bloom filters. These determine with 100% certainty if the results of a search are not in a given data set. This eliminates the need to access those data sets, further limiting the data sets that require searching.
CompressionHumio compresses all data stored on disk by 5-15x or more. Humio moves index-free compressed data to memory, which takes a fraction of the time of uncompressed, indexed data. In our example, it will be 10x faster or more.
Brute force search

Product features

  • Massively scalable

    Humio offers the freedom to log everything with no compromises

  • Full-text search

    Blazingly fast full-text search without indexing

  • 5-15x data compression

    Ingest and retain more with 75% less hardware

  • Run anywhere

    Run Self-hosted on premises, public cloud, or Humio SaaS

  • Enterprise-grade

    High availability, fault-tolerant, cluster management, Event Context, RBAC, regex engine, and more

  • Role-based access control

    Assign permissions and access rights and read from SAML, LDAP, Auth0, or others

  • Industry-leading performance

    Easy to deploy and faster to query terabytes of data in real time

  • Sub-second observability

    Live tailing, live dashboards, and live aggregation

  • Shareable live dashboards

    Display a collection of widgets with their own queries to share across teams

  • Integrates easily

    Get started in minutes and use with popular tools and platforms

  • Alerts & webhooks

    Sub-second notifications and custom webhooks to proactively fix issues

  • Query administration

    Query Monitor to understand which quotas are using resources, and query quotas to keep the system running smoothly

  • Bucket storage for persistent data

    Use bucket storage for real-time speed and almost infinite retention

  • Easy to use

    Intuitive interface and easy-to-use search language to understand data and events