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Humio for Security Resiliency

Detect, Investigate, Respond - Live!

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instant data ingest
Instant data ingest for immediate alerts, live searches and data-driven responses
aggregated views
Aggregated views of all security data sources from any infrastructure in one console
unlimited ingest licenses
Unlimited ingest licenses for limitless logging and deep investigations

Humio's instant visibility gives security teams the continuous insights needed for immediate actions and data-driven responses to strengthen the performance across systems, prevent infrastructure breakdowns and protect against attacks.

Most SIEM tools only look at pre-selected logs, limiting users to a portion or predefined view or their data and overall state of their system. Humio’s transformative site license removes logging constraints and shifts the organizational culture to improve security resilience while giving customers the autonomy to determine their logging practices.

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Today Humio helped us identify when a certain problem with missing ids in an ETL pipeline started. This is the kind of log crunching super powers the clever owl gives you!
Thomas Bøgh Fangel
Web Architect, Lunar Way

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