Software development strategies that empower your teams – and delight your customers

Executive town hall

The speed of business is ever increasing and customer expectations continue to grow as technology improves and becomes more prevalent in everyone’s lives. Being able to quickly adapt, change direction, and become more agile with software development releases is key to impacting a tech-focused company’s overall success and bottom line. 

Watch this on-demand town hall with Humio CEO Geeta Schmidt interviewing Edith Harbaugh, CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchDarkly. The two leaders discuss tactics for companies looking to embrace an agile methodology and empower their teams to release software on a cadence that meets the speed of business today and in the future. 

Topics being covered:

  • Tips for companies looking to move at the speed of customer demand

  • Tactics for maintaining values and culture as the company grows and becomes more distributed

  • Strategies for software teams to launch, measure, and control their features for more efficient software development that empowers end users

  • How to remove the fear of failure to foster innovation and open mindedness with teams

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