Streaming observability and monitoring from AWS services

Watch now to get real-time insights across the entire AWS infrastructure to quickly get to the root cause of ITOps performance and security issues.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is composed of hundreds of different services. Most of these services provide valuable events, metrics, and logs that are vital to running a complex, distributed infrastructure. Humio’s streaming, scalable log management platform provides a centralized environment for all of this data giving users real-time insights and a holistic view across their entire AWS infrastructure.

During this workshop participants will learn how to:

  • Utilize a streaming log aggregation platform to get real-time insights from all of your infrastructure data.

  • Leverage AWS event, log, and metric data from CloudWatch and S3.

  • Install and configure services in AWS to collect and send the data to Humio.

  • Configure Humio to visualize AWS service data.

  • Combine other data sources, such as Kubernetes and application logs, to get a holistic view of the health and performance of your entire infrastructure.

  • Search streaming data to investigate issues and find the root cause of incidents.

We hope you find the content informative. Please reach out to us at events@humio.com with any follow up questions.

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