Why Unlimited?

With unlimited ingest, real-time exploration and the ability to retain compressed data for longer, Humio minimizes recovery time, and makes it easy to get to the root cause.

Announcing Unlimited Ingest for the Cloud

In 2018, Humio launched its popular Unlimited Self-hosted Plan. In 2020, Humio will launch an Unlimited Ingest for the Cloud Plan, the first of its kind. The Unlimited Ingest for the Cloud Plan significantly changes the cost of scaling to massive volumes in a SaaS environment, and gives customers similar benefits as Humio’s Unlimited Self-hosted Plan. Extending the platform’s ease in scalability, Humio Bucket Storage seamlessly increases data storage and retention beyond 1 petabyte at industry-leading low costs, removing all constraints in handling long retention and data volumes at scale.

Introducing unlimited ingest for the cloud

EVP Morten Gram explains the features of this upcoming product

Customers log everything

Humio customers share how they log everything to answer anything

Log everything to prepare for the unknown

Morten Gram explains how Humio misses nothing to find anything at any scale.


Humio is built from the ground up to be highly optimized for streaming data and continuous, concurrent writes. It ingests hundreds of terabytes of log data in real time, and searches that data with sub-second latency.


Search anything in your logs and event data with full-text search. Extract data, define new fields, and use them to filter and aggregate while searching — all at blazing fast speeds.


Humio compresses data by 5-15x or more to retain more data and reduce hardware costs. Store all data to affordable bucket storage, and search it all without ingesting.

Log everything, answer anything

Humio was the first to offer an uncompromised Unlimited Self-hosted Plan, available since 2018. Enterprises that adopt this plan are able to log everything without concern for reducing data or paying for additional ingest.

In 2020, Humio deepens its leadership in this new market category with the announcement of a new Unlimited Ingest for the Cloud Plan coming this year. This significantly changes the cost of scaling in a SaaS environment by providing customers similar benefits as Humio’s Unlimited Self-hosted Plan.

"The market is being driven by the need to monitor, manage, and optimize systems, infrastructure, applications, and end-user experience across increasingly complex on-premise, hybrid cloud, public cloud, multicloud, and containerized deployments,"

said Tim Grieser, IDC Research Vice President, Enterprise System Management Software. 1

Uncompromised observability

Humio’s Unlimited Plans enable enterprise organizations to understand the health and security of their environment. Humio ingests streaming logs, metrics, traces, and events, runs alerts and scripts, and updates visualizations in real time.

No matter how many terabytes of data you send to Humio, all the data is available to search immediately, allowing for a more thorough investigation, and faster time to recovery.

According to Gartner’s 2019 Hype Cycle for IT Performance Analysis,

“Observability tools have the potential to reduce both the number of service outages and their impact and severity. Their use by organizations can improve the quality of software because previously invisible (unknown) defects and anomalies are identified and corrected.” 2

Prepare for the unknown

With Humio’s Unlimited Plans, organizations are better prepared for the unknown. By logging everything, Humio can help customers uncover anomalies, threats, and problems as they happen, without worrying about filtering out data or fields in advance.

Humio makes it easy to search months or even years of data to get to the root of what happened. Because Humio is index-free, every part of every log is available for searching. Getting instant responses motivates users to ask more questions and derive more insights from their data.

Logging everything reduces mean-time-to-recovery (MTTR), and increases the likelihood of finding the root cause of an incident.

Gartner calls central log management

“an important, but often undervalued, tool for an organization’s threat management capabilities and compliance requirements.” They advise clients to “invest in central log management tools with efficient storage, fast search, and flexible visualization to enhance investigation/analysis of security incidents and support threat hunting.” 3

Reduce hardware and storage costs by up to 70%

Humio is built from the ground up to leverage today’s modern hardware.

Humio not only eliminates the need for bulky index files, but it compresses data by 5-15x or more, making it more efficient to store, transfer, and compute.

Humio is designed for streaming data, and leverages Bucket Storage as primary storage to make deployments of Humio cheaper, faster, and easier to run. This enables infinite retention, and storage of huge volumes of live data at low costs.

Through 2024, Gartner predicts that 40% of enterprises will have reduced their storage and data protection costs by over 70% by implementing new storage technologies and deployment methods. 4

Better business value and significantly lower TCO

Collecting and analyzing ever-increasing volumes of log data adds business value to enterprises, especially to strengthen security, enhance operational efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction.

Humio removes the biggest single barrier to effective log management: the cost of collecting enough data to make the effort worthwhile. Humio's Unlimited Plans let you collect, search, and store terabytes of data without ingest limits.

Find out more in our updated report: Humio Redefines Log Management TCO.

Gartner asked infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders to rank their most important goals: cost optimization is still a major factor. 3

Looking at open source? Humio is cheaper than free.

How much does it cost to run a free open source stack? With hefty hardware requirements and support costs needed to set up and maintain the stack, it’s easy to spend many times more than the total cost of a modern, purpose-built tool like Humio.

Estimate how much you can save with our interactive TCO Estimator: TCO Estimator pricing tool

Gartner advises to uncover hidden total cost of ownership (TCO) of open-source log management tools. They warn that

“commercial tools will be more expensive to acquire than open source; however, their TCO is often lower.” 4

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Customers logging everything

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