Why Unlimited?

Humio’s Unlimited Plan gives organizations access to all the data they need to prepare for the unknown. With unlimited log aggregation, real-time search and exploration, and the ability to retain compressed data for longer, Humio minimizes recovery time, and makes it easy to get to the root cause of unexpected issues.

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Unlimited data ingestion

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Index-free ingestion

Humio is highly optimized for continuous, concurrent writes, so it can aggregate all relevant log data, and instantly search that data with sub-second latency.

Fast free-text search

Search anything in any field with full-text search, and extract data, define new fields, and use them to filter and aggregate while searching — all at blazing speeds.

Resource efficiency

Humio uses advanced data compression so organizations can cut hardware costs and store more data. Data is compressed 5-15x, so it can be retained longer. Most users reduce their hardware needs up to 75%, making it very cost-efficient to scale to large volumes.

Reduce TCO

Significantly reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Humio removes the biggest single barrier to effective log management: the cost of collecting enough data to make the effort worthwhile. Humio's flat pricing model for high-volume data ingestion lets you collect, search, and store terabytes of data without limits. Find out more in our report: Redefining Log Management TCO.

Looking at open source? Humio is cheaper than free.

How much does it cost to run a free open source stack? With hefty hardware requirements and support costs needed to set up and maintain the stack, it’s easy to spend many times more than the total cost of a modern, purpose-built tool like Humio.

Try our TCO Estimator pricing tool to see how much you can save.

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