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What is a Data Dead Zone?

Being protected in the digital age means having access to all your data and using it to detect intruders and crashes immediately when they happen. But some traditional solutions fail to give access data until minutes after it comes in and may charge you too much to capture all of your data. If...

Humio delivers seamless access to live and archived data with bucket storage

Today at RSA in San Francisco, we issued a press release to announce that we are adding the option to use cloud-based bucket storage for persistent data, making Humio easier to use and even less expensive to manage. In addition, we announced that Humio Cloud is available through AWS hosted in the...

The Hoot - Episode 17 - Humio Engineering: Christian Hvitved and Anders Jensen

John joins Christian Hvitved, Chief Engineer and founder of Humio, and Anders Jensen, VP of Engineering to discuss recent Humio product features, including bucket storage and the new joins function.

Humio at RSA 2020

Humio is coming to the 2020 RSA Conference! We’ll be at booth 2256 in the South Expo Hall. Come visit us, speak to our on-hand engineers, and learn about how Humio’s purpose-built index-free log management platform improves security with affordable, unlimited logging.

Humio now features joins, query quotas, a new chart engine, and UI updates

Humio is excited to announce the general availability of several new features in the Humio platform, for on-premise and Humio Cloud users. Some of our most-requested features have been newly-added: Joins, Query Quotas, and an update to our visualization engine.

Vijilan’s cybersecurity monitoring-as-a-service detects threats in real time with Humio

At the forefront of cyberdefense you’ll find a group of individuals who aren’t as visible outside of IT circles. These are SOC (Security Operations Center) professionals, the trained cybersecurity experts who actively watch networks 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are the last line of defense...

The Hoot - Episode 16 - Humio Security Developer Kristian Gausel

In this week’s podcast, John talks with Kristian Gausel, Security engineer at Humio. Kristian introduces himself and shares why security is such an important focus for Humio.

The Hoot - Episode 15 - Humio VP of Finance Juho Lahdenpera

This week, John talks with Juho Lahdenpera, VP of Finance at Humio. Juho shares his thoughts about joining Humio, and the value the role of finance brings to a tech organization.

How Humio’s index-free log management searches 1 PB in under a second

Humio is built from the ground up to be the most powerful log management system available. Our engineers are passionate about optimizing the latest technology, and they won’t stop making performance improvements to ingesting, analyzing, and storing hundreds of terabytes of streaming data in real...

Streaming live data is the heart of observability

For security, much of the power of Humio comes from its ability to ingest live streaming data and make it immediately available to update alerts, visualizations, and perform queries. This is the backbone for achieving complete observability and making an environment more secure.

Humio CEO Geeta Schmidt honored among Top Women Entrepreneurs in Cloud Innovation

Hooray for our co-founder and CEO Geeta Schmidt! We are thrilled to celebrate Geeta’s recognition as one of the Top Women Entrepreneurs in Cloud Management. Here at Humio, we have always been in awe of Geeta’s leadership and passion. On Tuesday, February 11, her leadership was recognized by the...

3 ways Humio improves SIEM performance

Back in the early 2000s, SIEMs were the golden standard for security. Combining log management with analytics and compliance, they were the multipurpose tool that experts compelled organizations to adopt. But times have changed. SIEMs have grown into complex entities filled with subsidiary...

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