3 ways Humio improves SIEM performance

Real-time observability and security at a lower cost

Back in the early 2000s, SIEMs were the golden standard for security. Combining log management with analytics and compliance, they were the multipurpose tool that experts compelled organizations to adopt.

But times have changed. SIEMs have grown into complex entities filled with subsidiary applications and lost focus on log management. They can even collapse under the weight of all the data they need and fail to return search results. SIEMs by themselves are no longer the one-size-fixes-all solution they once were.

SIEMS are best at finding anomalies in short term data. In most cases, if it doesn’t occur in a 24-hour window, the correlation window won’t recognize it. When they do work with higher volumes of data, SIEMs can be prohibitively expensive to run.

It’s time to simplify. It’s time to refocus on doing log management and doing it well. It’s time to take a look at Humio.

How Humio improves SIEMs

Humio is an index-free log management service that reduces costs and gives access to streaming event data. It is not designed to replace a SIEM out of the box, but instead focuses on optimized log management designed to replace the sluggish, overtaxed processes at the heart of many SIEMs.

When running alongside a SIEM, Humio can

  1. Reduce costs of ingest

  2. Expand the observability window to near real time

  3. Look further into the past with advanced comprssion

1. Reduce Costs

Instead of incurring outrageous overcharges for pay-as-you-go models, Humio users pay fixed license fees for their ingest. Built based on principles of mechanical sympathy, Humio leverages processor usage to decrease hardware requirements.

2. Expand observability to real time

Index-heavy systems can take several minutes before searches can be performed on their data. Humio cuts that time down to a matter of seconds. Now hunting for answers can be done in a continuous series of actions rather than being interrupted by several periods of waiting and possibly forgetting what you were doing as you walk away for another cup of coffee.

3. Supercharge your SIEM to look further into the past

In addition to boosting access to streaming data, Humio provides access to a deeper repository of historical data, and the ability to search it in an instant. Humio compresses data by up to 15x or more, saving you on storage or giving you the option to store more data for longer.

Run in tandem or run alone

The main use case is running Humio alongside a SIEM, but after using Humio, some of our users find that they don’t need all the features of a SIEM. If they don’t have specific compliance requirements, they may find that they can replace parts of their SIEM with Humio and greatly save on license fees.

Why Humio?

When used with a SIEM, Humio reduces costs and improves performance by providing real-time access to data for your whole organization. Perhaps most importantly, Humio provides industry-leading support and assistance. We are with you every step of the way to install Humio and adjust it to meet your company’s needs.

If you’re familiar with the stresses of running a log management stack internally, you’ll be astonished when you realize how easy it can be to have our expert engineers to answer your questions and direct you to a solution.

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