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Why Humio created a modern purpose-built logging tool from scratch

CTO Kresten Krab Thorup to discuss his experience building the Humio log management platform.

LaunchDarkly: How Humio Tests in Production

Craig Vitter, Solution Architect at Humio, discussed how Humio uses its own product, a log management platform, to test in production.

Zeek, Corelight, and Humio help make observability accessible

We’re honored to be selected as the exclusive training sponsor for ZeekWeek 2019. As a thought leader in the observability space, Humio has a deep understanding of making observability accessible, comprehensive, and affordable.

The Hoot - Episode 8 - Uncovering business value with modern logging solutions, with Søren Rindal Nielsen

In this episode of The Hoot, we are joined by Søren Rindal Nielsen, Senior IT Business Consultant. Søren has extensive IT experience in airlines, finance, and government, and he shares his thoughts on building a career in ITOps.

Humio honored to be a sponsor at the PagerDuty Summit in San Fancisco

Not only did we get to see old friends like Matt Stratton, PagerDuty DevOps Advocate, but we also made a new friend in PagerDuty’s CEO Jennifer Tejada when she stopped by our booth for a selfie with one of our highly sought owl plushies.

Humio’s new Integrations page makes it easier to get up and running

Humio’s new Integrations page makes it quick and easy for cloud native enthusiasts to discover how to integrate products and solutions with Humio. Visit the new page for technical details on integrating with your stack or platform.

The Hoot - Episode 7 - Index-free Logging With Greg Burd

This episode we sit down with Greg Burd, Humio’s Principal Software Engineer, to discuss one of our favorite topics: Index-free Logging. We touch on many of the questions people have when considering a modern logging solution like Humio, and how Index-free is changing the game.

Humio Heads to SRECon EMEA - October 2nd - 4th

The roots of Site Reliability Experts lies in the ability to observe and monitor what exists in a system: infrastructure, code, and all the parts that make a team’s application unique. SRE’s work to ensure everything is stable and remains that way, through incident thick and thin. Humio is a part...

The Hoot - Episode 6 - Security and Bad Code with Jeff Reich of Innove

For our latest episode of The Hoot, we reached out to find some great information on SecOps and Security. There is no better place to find that information than one of the foremost minds on Security, Jeff Reich of Innove.

Kresten Thorup Shares His Thoughts with Community in Upcoming Events Across Europe

Community is the cornerstone of every great technology company, and Humio is no exception. From our engineers to our founders and leaders, we love to share our knowledge to improve the landscape of DevOps, SecOps, and Observability.

Using Humio to Improve Humio

Humio is a great tool for ad-hoc searching and charting from free-form log files. It is the obvious choice when testing out the real effects of a performance improvement to an existing code base.

Looking for an Alternative to Splunk, Elasticsearch, Sumo Logic, or Datadog?

Let’s start with a given: log collection and analysis is an increasingly essential function for enterprises across virtually every market. Strengthened security, enhanced productivity, and lower operating costs are just some of the benefits offered by log management solutions. Vendors like Splunk...

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